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What does OCCUPY WALL STREET have to do with your home mortgage?

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7,000,000 Americans have already lost their homes. 



  • Short Sale
  • Forensic Loan Review
  • Defend forclosure Complaint
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Forbearance agreement
  • Deed in lieu
  • Loan Modification
Get help from experienced attorneys who are on YOUR side
  • 99% of our qualifying homeowners get a modified loan*
  • No credit checks or appraisal fees
Modify your home loan.
  • Lower your monthly mortgage payments*
  • Stop foreclosure proceedings*
  • Get experienced attorneys working for YOU
  • No credit checks
  • No appraisal required
  • No title or escrow fees
  • * Money  back guarantee!

Bank Report Card

How's your bank doing?

We we work with banks everyday, check how we rate your bank:

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We're your loan document's forged by the bank?   

Well, if you don't know maybe you should have us check for you.  Recently, many banks have lost documents and forged others.  Let us perform a FORENSIC REVIEW of your loan docs. The bank has lawyers and accountants working for them.  Now you need professionals working for you!

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Got questions, we got answers!

Our Forensic Review will help you:

Who owns your mortgage?

What's the cause of the Financial crisis?

Who is Linda Green?






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